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15 Fun and Natural Prompt Ideas for Couples

Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with prompt ideas on the spot during a session? I GOTCHU. As a full-time intimate wedding & elopement photographer (and a photographer educator), you’ve come to the right place for my best natural prompt ideas. Because, we have all been there – stuck, in a creative slump.

Believe it or not — Sometimes, the sillier the better!

These are my favorite prompts to do with my couples and we always have a BLAST.  You will laugh, they will laugh, and it will be a hoot! Take a peek at these suggestions below and give them a whirl!

Ready? Set? LET’S GO!

15 Fun + Natural Prompt Ideas for Couples

  • Frolic towards/away from me while bumping hips
  • Drunk walk towards me while wrapped in each others arms
  • Pretend you’re in the middle of Antarctica. Stand bellybutton to belly button and warm each other up as fast as you can
  • Barrel roll – roll around on the ground on top of each other
  • Stand as close as you can facing each other, pull your heads back as far as you can, close your eyes, and slowly try to touch your noses together
  • Walk toward me hand-in-hand while leaning into each others shoulders
  • Whisper your favorite snack in his/her ear in your silliest voice
  • Walk towards me in slow motion while flirting hard with one another
  • Machine gun kisses — Kiss him/her all over the face as fast as you can
  • Stand closely facing in the same direction, wrap your arms up like pretzels and sway side to side
  • Practice for your first dance and slow dance together
Couple slow dancing together on a beach in California
  • Have one person walk in front of the other leading, hand in hand, them while looking back every so often
  • Run towards me with arms behind each other’s waists
  • Stand hand in hand facing each other and spin in circles like school children
  • Run up from behind and give a surprise bear hug

Hopefully there are some new ideas here for ya! Now get out there and put these to use. Head over to my Instagram for more inspiration (or check out my past blogs!) and let me know below what prompt is your favorite!

Xx, Morgan

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