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Intimate Micro-Wedding on Lake Superior

A Dreamy Micro-Wedding Adventure on Minnesota’s North Shore 🌊

The moment storm clouds gathered over Lake Superior, I knew Emily and Marshall’s intimate micro-wedding on the North Shore of Minnesota was going to be something truly magical. Picture this: the dreamiest day filled with stormy skies, the vast beauty of Lake Superior, and emotions running high.

Private First Look: Unveiling Love Amidst The Rain

As the rain fell, we grabbed umbrellas and headed to the beach, where Emily and Marshall shared their first look. His face when he saw her? Priceless. They’re both just giddy with excitement. A favorite memory of mine, for sure.

Planning the Adventure: Palisade Head

In the planning stages, Emily expressed her desire for an adventurous twist. Hiking was tossed around, and when she settled on Palisade Head, my exact response was, “COUNT ME IN, GIRL.” The anticipation soared as we ventured to Palisade Head in Silver Bay, MN, with cliffs and Lake Superior below. Just the three of us, cracking up, dreaming, and soaking in the pure magic of the moment.

The Main Event: Micro-Wedding at Black Beach

But wait, the adventure continued! We rolled a few miles down to Black Beach for the main event – their micro-wedding ceremony. Closest family and friends gathered, overlooking Lake Superior as Emily and Marshall exchanged vows. Tears flowed, smiles beamed, and love filled the air.

Celebrations Unleashed: Champagne Pops and Clifftop Moments

Post-ceremony, the celebration kicked off with popping champagne and capturing some killer photos on the cliffs at Black Beach. The energy flowed seamlessly as we transitioned to Black Woods in Two Harbors. Here, Emily and Marshall continued the festivities through family dinner, cake cutting, and a private first dance, accompanied by the tunes from my trusty portable speaker.

Pro Tips for Your Micro-Wedding Adventure at Black Beach

Oh, and if you’re considering a micro-wedding at Black Beach, here’s a nugget of wisdom: go for a weekday. Trust me, weekends can get wild, and parking may become a headache. But the payoff? Those breathtaking views and, did I mention, it’s ✨free✨? No permits needed!

Cheers to Love, Views, and Stress-Free Weddings! πŸ₯‚

So, here’s to the dreamy love stories, the thrill of adventure, and the magic that unfolds when you embrace the unexpected.

Now, what’s your dream? Do you too want to plan an intimate micro-wedding on Lake Superior? Let’s connect on Instagram so you can share your thoughts and tell me all about your vision! πŸ’«

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Happy planning, love bug 🀍

Xo, Morgan

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