It always brings me so much joy to share some of my favorite places along the North Shore with my couples. So it’s safe to say I was stoked for Jess and Brock’s Black Beach, MN engagement session. From the red jagged cliffs towering above, to the black pebbles beneath our feet, we had a blast frolicking along the shores of Lake Superior.

I first met Jess on Instagram years ago. It was such a blessing to finally meet her in person; it felt like we had known each other forever! The joy that radiated from her and Brock was so contagious. By the time we wrapped up, my heart felt like it was filled to the brim. Jess and Brock were so “go with the flow” and were down for whatever prompt I threw their way! One of my favorites that we did was the “airplane”. Brock was a trooper and laid on the beach while hoisting Jess up like the little airplanes we pretended to be as children. I honestly can’t remember the last time I giggled so much at one session 🤣

The only thing second to exploring my favorite places with my couples is being able to share those experiences ON THE BLOG. Jess and Brock’s Black Beach, MN engagement session was as magical as it looks. It was such an honor to get to capture their love in such an epic location. 

If you’d like to keep up with my adventures in real time, follow me over on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos)! ✨


Black Beach, MN Engagement Session

Black beach engagement session

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If you’ve never had the pleasure of exploring the North Shore of Lake Superior, take this as your sign. As a full-time wedding and elopement photographer based out of Minnesota, the North Shore holds such a special place in my heart. To say that I jumped at the chance to photograph my virtual assistant’s anniversary photos would be an understatement! Courtney and Khris’ Palisade Head State Park adventure session filled my heart with so much joy.

As I mentioned, Courtney is actually my virtual assistant! (Check her out on Instagram @cpproductivity) 🤗 Courtney and Khris made the drive up to the Duluth area a couple days earlier to do some exploring. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative during their stay, they made the most of it. The morning of their session, we met up for some much-needed coffee before looking for the perfect spot for their photos. We started off at Tettegouche State Park; my husband and I actually got engaged there! It was much fun showing them around some of my favorite places.

Palisade Head Adventure Session

We hiked out to an overlook where Palisade Head was in the background; they instantly knew they had to have their anniversary session there! Our morning together had been spent watching the radar like a hawk. Just as we decided to make the quick drive to Palisade Head, we saw some massive storm clouds rolling in over Lake Superior. When we got to the top of the park, Courtney quickly changed and we scurried down to the cliff’s edge. Courtney and Khris were such troopers as lightning was literally flashing just behind me! We knocked out their session pretty quickly and made it back into the car before the rain started to come down.

This Palisade Head State Park Adventure Session truly was such a sweet one to capture. The North Shore brings so much peace to my heart; there’s nothing more special than sharing that with others. If you’re looking for more Northern Minnesota content, stay tuned – more coming to the blog soon! Can’t wait?! Let’s be friends on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos). 😊✨


Palisade Head State Park Adventure Session

North Shore Minnesota Palisade State Park adventure session

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So, let me guess: you’re planning for your upcoming engagement session and have NO idea what to wear😅 I have been there. As a full-time wedding and couples photographer (and past bride), I know how overwhelming and daunting the decision can be. By the end of this blog, you’ll be feeling confident and ready to take some incredible engagement photos with your love. Alright, let’s get into my styling tips for your engagement session.


This one might seem like a no-brainer but WOW does it make a difference. Wearing something that you feel comfortable in makes the world of difference. Even if you want to buy something new for your photos, try to “break it in” by wearing it a couple times and moving around in it. In my engagement sessions, I love for my couples to be able to move around – whether that’s running, going in for a dip, or twirling around. 


When pairing outfits with your honey, keep in mind that neutrals (or earth tones!) photograph really well. Especially if you really want to compliment that location of your photos, wearing those tones will help you stand out but not clash with the environment. 


Fun fact: patterns are not the enemy. I love a good floral print as much as the next person. My biggest tip is to choose subtle patterns – and avoid clashing! 


I love a good layering moment. Packing or wearing layers allows you to ✨spice up✨ your photos without having to do a ton of outfit changes. 

Now that you are set with some styling tips for your engagement session, all there’s left to do is pop some bubbly and get ready for your session 🥂

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And as always, let’s be friends on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos). 🤗

Wedding Tips

Styling Tips for Your Engagement Session

emgagement photo outfit ideas
  1. […] in, what feels like “ah, this is us.” If you’re looking for outfit tips, check out my Styling Tips for Your Engagement Session blog! Searching for even more inspo?! My Pinterest board has gotcha […]

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POP THAT CHAMPAGNE, BABE! He asked, you said yes… now what?! I’m sure you’ve already done a TON of celebrating – but if not, pause your reading and get to it 😉

But seriously, now that you’re starting to get used to the idea that you are going to marry your best friend… what’s next? How do you get from this point to when you’re walking down the aisle, IN ONE PIECE??? That’s where I come in!

If you’re like me, you turn to Pinterest for inspiration. However, sometimes the volume of content while scrolling through Pinterest can be a tad overwhelming.

As a full-time wedding photographer and a recent bride – I’M HERE TO HELP!

I’ve put together The Newly Engaged Checklist to help you navigate this exciting chapter.


This can be the trickiest one – but this will help with the rest of your decisions. If you two can nail down a budget, you’ll be able to see how far your money will stretch/what’s worth it & what’s not. The Knot has a free Wedding Budget Planner to help make your lives a little bit easier!


Refer back to step one… if you HAVE to have a certain wedding venue that is wayyyy out of budget, be realistic with yourselves. If it truly is a necessity, what else can you cut back on? Flowers? Food? Number of guests?


Looking at pictures of a venue online is completely different than seeing it in person. Get a feel for your dream space.


If the date you have in mind isn’t available, ask yourselves if it’s negotiable or if the date you are picking has a certain meaning to you. 


Seal the deal, girlfriend! As soon as you get the go-ahead, jump on it! Venues (especially in 2022 and 2023) book quickly!


Your photographer is an investment helping you create beautiful photos to cherish for the rest of your lives. Make sure you get along with your photographer; honestly, you end up spending more of your wedding day with your photographer than you do with your spouse! Find someone whose editing style & personality draws you in.

Now that you have The Newly Engaged Checklist to follow, let’s get to it! Drop your email below if you would like to chat about my work and how I can help your day be the best day ever!! 

Xx, Morgan

Wedding Tips

The Newly Engaged Checklist

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Is there anything better than connecting with a couple and instantly hitting it off? ShyAnn and Brett had me hooked from the second we talked. This sweet couple originally booked me for their wedding in Colorado – and I was so giddy. As soon as I was booked for their wedding day, I received an email from ShyAnn asking if I would come out to Colorado for their engagement photos as well. And let me tell you, I couldn’t have possibly responded quicker to her email. She sent me a list of possible locations, but we settled on Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park for their adventurous engagement session.

Before I knew it, my assistant (AKA my sweet hubs) and I landed in Colorado to begin this incredible session. Marine Park was the perfect location to capture ShyAnn and Brett’s adventurous souls. We started the session in this beautiful, sprawling grassy field with the mountains in the background. The love between these two was just so evident, and made shooting a breeze. We found a little stream which made for the perfect playful photos. Speaking of playful, I am always down for a classic champagne spray. My favorite part of our day together was actually how the champagne popping came to be. 

The sun was beginning to set behind the mountains when we were gearing up for the iconic champagne popping/spraying. We were in the middle of a road, with cars coming towards us, when Brett grabbed the champagne for the shot – I was not about to miss this shot! Although we might’ve stopped traffic, we took some incredible shots. We ended our session with an outfit change and some cold ones to truly capture the personalities of Brett and ShyAnn. After we wrapped up, we all went out for ice cream (if that’s not a dream ending to your engagement session, I don’t know what is). 

Couples like ShyAnn and Brett remind me just how lucky I am to have this job. Connecting with sweet clients from half-way across the country warms my heart and fills my soul to the brim.

Thank you, my sweet friends, for letting me live out my dream.

Xx, Morgan

Want to go out for ice cream with me + my hubs after YOUR engagement session?! Check out my Contact Page or Instagram – I can’t wait to connect with you!



Rocky Mountain National Park Engagement

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