It’s that time of year, friend! You know the one I’m talking about? Engagement session season!! As a full-time wedding and elopement photographer (and past bride), I know firsthand just how much excitement fills the air leading up to your engagement session. Two of the most commonly asked questions I get when a session is booked is, “What do we wear?!” and “Should we bring anything?” Well, I’m here to give you all the nitty-gritty details to make sure your engagement session goes out without a hitch. Here are 8 Must Have Items for Your Engagement Session.

Your Outfits:

1. Outfit #1

How you dress for your engagement session should be a reflection of you and your honey. Think of what you’re comfortable in, what feels like “ah, this is us.” If you’re looking for outfit tips, check out my Styling Tips for Your Engagement Session blog! Searching for even more inspo?! My Pinterest board has gotcha covered!

2. Outfit #2 

Options, babe, options! The weather can change at the drop of a dime, or there could even be a wardrobe malfunction. The more prepared you are, the better. Double check with your photographer to see how many outfits are allowed for your particular session – and plan from there.

Onto the Practicals:

3. Lint Roller 

I don’t know about you, but when I leave the house, I’m still finding fur from my pup on me. Lint rollers are great for not only pet hair, but also for getting rid of any leaves left from traipsing through a field. (I love adventuring with my couples!)

4. Hair Brush

Whether the wind is whipping on the day of your engagement session or not, having a hair brush always comes in clutch. In the event of wind, embrace it! You’ll be at peace knowing you can always brush your hair.

5. Hairspray

Even if you’re generally not a “hairspray person”, bring it! Smooth hair photographs really well; hairspray helps tame those pesky flyaways and wind-tousled hair!

6. Scissors

Never know when a scissors might come in handy! Pesky tags, hanger straps, etc. 

7. Bug Spray

TRUST me on this one. Bug bites are the worst! ‘Nuff said.

8. Champagne!

I simply can’t end an engagement session without poppin’ champagne! Bring a bottle to end your session with a fun spray and a few sips. SO much fun!

Which of my 8 Must Have Items for Your Engagement Session would you have forgotten?! Send me a message over on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos); I’d love to hear from you!

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8 Must Have Items for Your Engagement Session

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Alec and Athena’s Long Lake Regional Park fall engagement session in New Brighton, Minnesota was full of so much love and personality. This couple was so giddy and in love; I couldn’t stop beaming ear to ear during their shoot (also, their outfits were INCREDIBLE. You need to check out Athena’s dress… wow).

You wouldn’t know it by looking through these photos, but their session was so cold and windy. Despite the chill in the air, the leaves were changing colors on the trees and the grass in the open field was a beautiful golden tone – making for such a picturesque Fall engagement session. Alec and Athena weren’t afraid to be themselves in front of the camera, which made my “job” so much easier! 

At the end of their session, they told me they brought some merch from their favorite YouTuber (Danny Duncan) to showcase their personalities and what they love. I love how unapologetically “themselves” they were throughout the entire session. Once we wrapped up their session, I hopped into my car feeling so giddy to have spent the afternoon capturing this sweet couple’s love story.

How would you add personality to your engagement photos? Let me know below! If you’re looking for Wedding Tips (or if you want to learn more about the Morgan Elizabeth Photography experience), head on over to my other blogs! As always, I’d love to be friends over on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos)!




Long Lake Regional Park Fall Engagement

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POP THAT CHAMPAGNE, BABE! He asked, you said yes… now what?! I’m sure you’ve already done a TON of celebrating – but if not, pause your reading and get to it 😉

But seriously, now that you’re starting to get used to the idea that you are going to marry your best friend… what’s next? How do you get from this point to when you’re walking down the aisle, IN ONE PIECE??? That’s where I come in!

If you’re like me, you turn to Pinterest for inspiration. However, sometimes the volume of content while scrolling through Pinterest can be a tad overwhelming.

As a full-time wedding photographer and a recent bride – I’M HERE TO HELP!

I’ve put together The Newly Engaged Checklist to help you navigate this exciting chapter.


This can be the trickiest one – but this will help with the rest of your decisions. If you two can nail down a budget, you’ll be able to see how far your money will stretch/what’s worth it & what’s not. The Knot has a free Wedding Budget Planner to help make your lives a little bit easier!


Refer back to step one… if you HAVE to have a certain wedding venue that is wayyyy out of budget, be realistic with yourselves. If it truly is a necessity, what else can you cut back on? Flowers? Food? Number of guests?


Looking at pictures of a venue online is completely different than seeing it in person. Get a feel for your dream space.


If the date you have in mind isn’t available, ask yourselves if it’s negotiable or if the date you are picking has a certain meaning to you. 


Seal the deal, girlfriend! As soon as you get the go-ahead, jump on it! Venues (especially in 2022 and 2023) book quickly!


Your photographer is an investment helping you create beautiful photos to cherish for the rest of your lives. Make sure you get along with your photographer; honestly, you end up spending more of your wedding day with your photographer than you do with your spouse! Find someone whose editing style & personality draws you in.

Now that you have The Newly Engaged Checklist to follow, let’s get to it! Drop your email below if you would like to chat about my work and how I can help your day be the best day ever!! 

Xx, Morgan

Wedding Tips

The Newly Engaged Checklist

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