Hi babe, I’m Morgan! I am an intimate wedding & elopement photographer and educator based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I serve the adventurous and laid-back couples who are wanting to have a fun, memorable experience. Many of my clients have turned into my best friends; I absolutely love my job! I thought it would be a great time to introduce myself and have you meet the blogger behind Morgan Elizabeth Photography.

Top questions I get asked as a wedding photographer:

  1. How did I get started? 
  2. How did I know this was the job for me? 
  3. When did I know it was time to go full-time? 

I’m here to answer all that and more!


About four years ago, I was working at a local college as an admissions counselor (and really enjoyed my job!). As time went on, I began to feel like what I was doing as an admissions counsel wasn’t fueling me, and was suffocating my creativity. The cliché of “there has to be something else out there for me” became the epitome of how I was feeling. But I didn’t know where to start.

I began to pray about it, wholeheartedly. I asked the Lord to open doors for me and make clear what my next steps in life should be.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a love for photography. I was that girl in middle school and beyond that would always carry a camera. It was constantly attached to my hip. There was a feeling that kept nagging me to pick up my camera again. If I wasn’t able to be creative in my job, at least I could be creative with photography as a hobby.

So, I picked up my crop sensor Canon T2i and started photographing anything I could!

My journey as a photographer

I reached out to my friends and family to practice! By no means was I a professional at the time; In fact, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to use manual, how to pose my “clients” or models, how to edit, what it meant to have an editing “style”, and I definitely did not have a website. In the meantime, as I continued to practice, I quickly remembered how much I loved being behind the camera.

Flash forward 6 months or so — Bradyn (my boyfriend at the time & now hubs!) and I were hiking in Arizona with his sister when all of a sudden, I blurted “I’m gonna quit my job on Friday.” I shocked myself. This was a bit out of character and truly was not planned. Looking back, and even at the time, that was mind-blowing for me to say something like that. In fact, I felt like I was an imposter to the field, but my passion was stronger than my doubt.

Was I “ready” to go full-time? Absolutely not. Was I experienced enough? Probably not. But I truly felt like this decision was 1,000% the Lord because I was covered in peace. Even though I was scared, I knew this was the direction for me. So, I put in my 2-week’s notice at my job and began the journey.

The best piece of advice I received

One of the best pieces of advice I received was from my sister. She told me to “work my ass off for six months” and “give it all you got.” So, that’s what I did.

Six months is manageable – I knew that I could do six months. When thinking of the rest of your life, it is intimidating. At first, I started questioning if I could be my own boss, have an inconsistent income, and be successful without having a traditional “team”. I clung to my sister’s advice and worked as hard as I possibly could.

The craziest part? I called myself a wedding photographer, before I ever photographed a wedding – wild, right? Here’s the deal… It’s all about having confidence. I created a business Instagram and posted everything I photographed. I practiced, failed, practiced some more, and failed again. But, I never quit.

After one month of marketing myself on Instagram, a gal reached out to me and asked me to photograph her wedding (you better believe I was doing the biggest happy dance as I received that DM!). Did I have experience photographing a wedding? No, but she trusted me as a person and I knew I had the skills to serve her well. I photographed the wedding without an ounce of nerves, intimidation, or fear. That peace and confidence was all from the Lord. I immediately fell in love with wedding photography.

As we start to transition to 2022, I am so proud of myself to be able to say that I’ve been fully booked for the past 4 years. 

My encouragement to you

I love my job. I have been able to grow and scale a lot in my business as a photographer. My biggest encouragement to someone (maybe you) if they are wanting to become a photographer, is to START. Because, there is never going to be a perfect time. Similarly to my journey, I urge you to give yourself the space, grace, and creative freedom to start, fail, and start again.

I heard a quote by Marie Forleo once that said “Start before you’re ready. If you wait until you feel ready to do anything meaningful, you will be waiting for the rest of your life.” Let that sink in.

Pursue your passion, my friend. You absolutely won’t regret it. You got this!

Of course, if you have any questions about my journey, let me know below! Or, find me on Instagram @morganelizabethphotos – I would love to be friends!

Xx, Morgan


Meet the Blogger

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Caroline and Nathan were absolute naturals in front of the camera! This Rice Creek Regional Park Fall engagement session in Shoreview, Minnesota was so much fun! I absolutely love when a couple brings the energy to their session (and an energetic puppy, too). 

Minnesota blessed us with such a perfect Fall day.

We met up in the parking lot and had zero trouble finding locations to shoot. This sweet couple frolicked in the golden, grassy fields and danced within the towering pines for the most picturesque Fall engagement photos.

As if their photos weren’t already flawless enough, they brought their puppy Enzo! If you are wondering if dogs are allowed in your engagement session, heck yes they are. Enzo had so much energy and kept us all laughing (which made those giggly pictures even easier to capture). We wrapped up their session by poppin’ some champagne and toasting to their future!

This beautiful couple ties the knot in October of 2022 and I cannot wait to capture another special moment in their lives. 

Check out some highlights from their Rice Creek Fall engagement session below! If you’re loving this content, be sure to head over to my Instagram so you don’t miss a thing.


Rice Creek Fall Engagement

Couple kissing during MN engagement session

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You’re engaged and ready to hit the ground running with planning your big day.

First and foremost, CONGRATS! I bet you two are so dang excited. Your first task is to pop that champagne and start celebrating, of course — you deserve it.

Whether you recently started wedding planning, or are already knee deep, planning a wedding can be intimidating and overwhelming. If you’re anything like me, I immediately started thinking — Where do I start? What vendors do I need to book first? What should I do next?

As a full-time Minnesota based wedding photographer and recent bride, I’m here to help!

Planning a wedding is a lot of hard work. Over the last three years, I have shot over 70 weddings and had an integral part with their planning.

What you should know

Your day-of-timeline is how the full extensive breakdown of your wedding day, which includes timing. This is the glue to your big day! Your day-of-timeline helps you communicate with your vendors, families, friends, etc. It tells everyone where they need to be, and when.

Here’s the deal – You’ve got a lot you’re thinking about. I’ve got your back. In fact, connect with all of your wedding vendors! We’re here to help you.

These templates were created with you in mind. In fact, we provide you with 2 templates – one that includes a first look and one without. Each wedding day is different. Once you download the templates below, review it and make it your own!

The templates below are intended to help provide a generic breakdown for your wedding day. For example:

  • Getting ready for photos
  • First look(s)
  • Bride + groom portraits
  • Family formals
  • Rest time before your ceremony
  • Reception
  • Sunset photos
  • Exit photos
  • Etc.

I breakdown timing for everything you need to know to make sure your wedding day will run smoothly. If your a client of mine, I help create a custom timeline for you 5-months prior to your big day to make sure we’re including everything to make your wedding day yours.


Drop your name and email below to claim your free day-of-timeline templates:

If you found this helpful, let me know in the comments! Happy planning, babe. YOU GOT THIS!



Wedding Tips

Free Day-of-Timeline Templates

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Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with prompt ideas on the spot during a session? I GOTCHU. As a full-time intimate wedding & elopement photographer (and a photographer educator), you’ve come to the right place for my best natural prompt ideas. Because, we have all been there – stuck, in a creative slump.

Believe it or not — Sometimes, the sillier the better!

These are my favorite prompts to do with my couples and we always have a BLAST.  You will laugh, they will laugh, and it will be a hoot! Take a peek at these suggestions below and give them a whirl!

Ready? Set? LET’S GO!

15 Fun + Natural Prompt Ideas for Couples

  • Frolic towards/away from me while bumping hips
  • Drunk walk towards me while wrapped in each others arms
  • Pretend you’re in the middle of Antarctica. Stand bellybutton to belly button and warm each other up as fast as you can
  • Barrel roll – roll around on the ground on top of each other
  • Stand as close as you can facing each other, pull your heads back as far as you can, close your eyes, and slowly try to touch your noses together
  • Walk toward me hand-in-hand while leaning into each others shoulders
  • Whisper your favorite snack in his/her ear in your silliest voice
  • Walk towards me in slow motion while flirting hard with one another
  • Machine gun kisses — Kiss him/her all over the face as fast as you can
  • Stand closely facing in the same direction, wrap your arms up like pretzels and sway side to side
  • Practice for your first dance and slow dance together
Couple slow dancing together on a beach in California
  • Have one person walk in front of the other leading, hand in hand, them while looking back every so often
  • Run towards me with arms behind each other’s waists
  • Stand hand in hand facing each other and spin in circles like school children
  • Run up from behind and give a surprise bear hug

Hopefully there are some new ideas here for ya! Now get out there and put these to use. Head over to my Instagram for more inspiration (or check out my past blogs!) and let me know below what prompt is your favorite!

Xx, Morgan

For Photographers

15 Fun and Natural Prompt Ideas for Couples

Couple holding hands and running on a beach in California

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