It always brings me so much joy to share some of my favorite places along the North Shore with my couples. So it’s safe to say I was stoked for Jess and Brock’s Black Beach, MN engagement session. From the red jagged cliffs towering above, to the black pebbles beneath our feet, we had a blast frolicking along the shores of Lake Superior.

I first met Jess on Instagram years ago. It was such a blessing to finally meet her in person; it felt like we had known each other forever! The joy that radiated from her and Brock was so contagious. By the time we wrapped up, my heart felt like it was filled to the brim. Jess and Brock were so “go with the flow” and were down for whatever prompt I threw their way! One of my favorites that we did was the “airplane”. Brock was a trooper and laid on the beach while hoisting Jess up like the little airplanes we pretended to be as children. I honestly can’t remember the last time I giggled so much at one session 🤣

The only thing second to exploring my favorite places with my couples is being able to share those experiences ON THE BLOG. Jess and Brock’s Black Beach, MN engagement session was as magical as it looks. It was such an honor to get to capture their love in such an epic location. 

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Black Beach, MN Engagement Session

Black beach engagement session

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So, let me guess: you’re planning for your upcoming engagement session and have NO idea what to wear😅 I have been there. As a full-time wedding and couples photographer (and past bride), I know how overwhelming and daunting the decision can be. By the end of this blog, you’ll be feeling confident and ready to take some incredible engagement photos with your love. Alright, let’s get into my styling tips for your engagement session.


This one might seem like a no-brainer but WOW does it make a difference. Wearing something that you feel comfortable in makes the world of difference. Even if you want to buy something new for your photos, try to “break it in” by wearing it a couple times and moving around in it. In my engagement sessions, I love for my couples to be able to move around – whether that’s running, going in for a dip, or twirling around. 


When pairing outfits with your honey, keep in mind that neutrals (or earth tones!) photograph really well. Especially if you really want to compliment that location of your photos, wearing those tones will help you stand out but not clash with the environment. 


Fun fact: patterns are not the enemy. I love a good floral print as much as the next person. My biggest tip is to choose subtle patterns – and avoid clashing! 


I love a good layering moment. Packing or wearing layers allows you to ✨spice up✨ your photos without having to do a ton of outfit changes. 

Now that you are set with some styling tips for your engagement session, all there’s left to do is pop some bubbly and get ready for your session 🥂

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Styling Tips for Your Engagement Session

emgagement photo outfit ideas
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Insert “Walking in a winter wonderland” here 🎵 Kelsey and Chase’s Boom Island Park Winter Engagement Session was nothing short of breathtaking. Despite the blizzard conditions, these two were seriously such troopers on this cold winter day. There’s just something so romantic about a fresh blanket of snow and exploring with the love of your life. Prepare to witness some magic ✨

This sweet couple and I had so much fun venturing around Boom Island Park together. In between romantic shots, we took many breaks to use hand warmers (and to hop in the car to blast the heat). As frigid as a Minnesota winter is, the snow is always such a welcomed gift for a couples looking for that “winter engagement session” vibe. Even though we had hoped to have a view of the cityscape, we were happy with the little peaks we got. We wrapped up their winter session with Kelsey in a stunning emerald green lace dress. My fingers were literally NUMB so I have no idea how she looked so effortlessly beautiful (and not cold!?). Kelsey and Chase were full of so much grace and love for one another… Have I mentioned that I have the best job ever?!

Now that I have finally thawed out from this Boom Island Park Winter Engagement Session and the Rice Creek Winter Engagement Session, bring on SPRING! 😉 Speaking of Spring, be sure to follow me over on Instagram (@morganelizabethphotos) to keep up with me as I begin “busy season”. In the mean time, catch up on my latest blogs HERE. Until next time…




Boom Island Park Winter Engagement Session

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Erin and Nick were troopers during their Rice Creek Winter Engagement Session. Let me tell ya, it was windy and so dang cold – but they absolutely rocked it. Leading up to their shoot, I was watching the radar like a hawk. Despite a blizzard in the forecast, they were still down to adventure together and capture some snowy photos. SPOILER ALERT – turned out soooo good.

After a snowy drive to Minneapolis, MN, Erin and Nick arrived with their sweet pup, Kaiya (the absolute sweetest dog ever). With the wind whipping and frigid temperatures, we wasted no time getting started. Their engagement session was seriously such a memorable one! In between the giggles and warming up in our vehicles, we had almost as much fun as Kaiya playing in the snow.

But if that wasn’t enough to make the day, Erin shared a story that had me shedding tears of joy.

The day before their session, Erin went shopping for a tan jacket (pictured below). While out, she found what looked like the perfect jacket, so of course she bought it! Well, when Erin got home, she tried it on only to discover that it fit kind of box and oversized – not exactly what she had envisioned. It wasn’t until she looked at the tag that she realized it was a men’s jacket 😂 Let’s just say that Nick SCORED on a new jacket! Erin and Nick’s outfits were perfect – and at least someone got to wear the tan jacket 😉 

This sweet couple warmed my heart. I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in just a few short months!

I am truly so grateful for all of the incredible couples I have the opportunity to spend time with this year. Be sure to stay tuned for more sweet couples coming your way over on the blog. If you can’t wait until then, I’d love to be friends on Instagram @morganelizabethphotos

Until next time!




Rice Creek Winter Engagement Session

  1. […] that I have finally thawed out from this Boom Island Park Winter Engagement Session and the Rice Creek Winter Engagement Session, bring on SPRING! 😉 Speaking of Spring, be sure to follow me over on Instagram […]

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Maddie and Greg’s Boom Island Park engagement session in Minneapolis, Minnesota was a day that I truly counted down the days for.

The park offered the beautiful Minneapolis skyline in the background, a wide open field, and tons of blooming flowers. Not to mention the beautiful couple AND their dogs, Freddie and Dug! Let me tell ya… I am the biggest sucker for dogs!

As soon as Maddie and Greg hopped onto our consultation call, we instantly hit it off. Not only did they want to include their dogs in the session, but they had the best energy on the call. After our call, I knew we would be 3 peas in a pod because we bonded so quickly.

The energy and love that enveloped Maddie and Greg was such a beautiful thing to witness. We had a blast spending the day together all while soaking up some puppy love. It’s amazing to look back on these last few months at an amazing friendship all thanks to one recommendation.

In just a little over 4 short months, Maddie and Greg will tie the knot at the Gardens of Castle Rock in Northfield, Minnesota. I truly cannot wait to capture the next chapter in their love story and celebrate two beautifully in love people. Be sure to follow along on Instagram @morganelizabethphotos for behind the scenes and sneak peaks! And as always, be sure to catch up on my past blogs if you’re looking for some Wedding Tips.


Boom Island Park Engagement Session

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